The best Champagne Houses and Brands

These Houses produce the best champagne wines and their brands are synonyms of superior quality and consistency.

There are more than 300 Champagne Houses and about 5,000 smaller champagne producers. However, a very small number of these can truly be defined as great Champagne Houses. The ones included here are among the very best because:

  • They produce good and great champagnes only
  • They consistently produce the best Brut Non-Vintage champagnes, in great quantities
  • They produce the most sought-after prestige cuvées, the very best champagnes that exist
  • They have a long and glorious history that shaped their identity and the style of their champagnes
  • They are found in beautiful estates in the Champagne region that are evidence and legacy of their history
  • They enrich and move the champagne world forward, with their winemaking philosophies and R&D activities
  • They carry on the underlying ambition of their founders to produce wines of superior quality with a distinctive character
  • They are embedded in powerful brands that are recognized and respected by champagne consumers and connoisseurs.

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