This upcoming champagne guide book will allow anybody, with zero prior understanding or knowledge about champagne or wine whatsoever, to learn almost everything about this luxurious wines, the king of wines (and the wine of kings), and understand which are the best producers and champagnes.

With this champagne book, you will learn about the history of Champagne and how it has popularised sparkling wine and created a myth.

You will learn why this French region produces the very best sparkling wines in the world, by understanding the whole champagne production process, from the vineyard of this unique terroir to bottling and labeling. 

You will learn about the different types of champagnes and their characteristic flavors.

Most importantly, you will learn about the very best Houses that produce the very best champagnes and what makes them the best.

The Presidents and Chefs de Cave of these Maisons share their history, their identity, their know-how, their idea of pleasure that they wish to transmit with the style of their wines, and their vision of the future of champagne.

You will realize which Houses resonate better with you, and you will learn about their wines, how they are crafted and what makes them superior.

You will also learn what are the champagnes that are regarded as the very best by wine critics and experts, and you will understand why. 

To help you grasp these concepts, this book also includes an extensive glossary with the terms that are used in the champagne world.

By using your newly acquired knowledge, you will be able to decide which champagnes are the very best in your opinion and to confidently discuss your choices with any champagne connoisseur, because you will be a connoisseur too. 

You will also learn how to store and serve champagne to get the best out of it, and what are the best champagne and food pairings. 

Champagne will have no secrets to you and you will enjoy it even more because you will have understood its identity and facets and you will play with them according to your own personality.

This comprehensive champagne book will soon be available in digital format on Amazon Kindle.

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