Krug 1998

Cuvee: Brut Non-Vintage
Vintage: 1998




For Krug, creating a vintage champagne means affirming a difference. The Krug vintage does not compete with the other cuvées. It is neither superior nor inferior. It is simply created differently.

When the tasting committee and cellar master decide to honour a particular year, they consecrate only the champagne that tells an astonishing story, as Krug alone knows how to reveal. Each Krug Vintage is created from exclusive blends from a single year; it entails an original emotion, an incomparable pleasure, an unusual surprise, which flourishes in the glass. From the first nose, the blend is so powerful that each aroma rivals in intensity with the others. Then its charm develops.

The Krug Vintages are kept quietly in the cellars for at least ten years. When they are ready they are brought out and astonish with their quality, their amplitude and their presence … for a long time.

Krug 1998 Taste


Krug 1998 possesses an astonishing purity and precision, a generous and creamy texture, fullness and a delicate balance of flavours. Its extraordinary long finish evokes a year of contrasting climatic conditions and the ten years spent in the cellars in Reims.

The Blend

Krug Vintage represents a dimension of the Krug universe: 3 grape varieties selected with care from the different plots and vineyards, which are chosen for their shared characteristics and their expression of the year 1998, as signed by Krug.



Climate and Harvest 

- The hottest August (up to 40°C) in Champagne since 1961, followed by heavy rains in early September, and then dry, warm weather during grape-picking.

- Harvest: third week of September 



Tasting Notes 

- Dominated by the Chardonnay grape (generally Pinot Noir), which is the source of the incomparable taste of Krug Vintage.
- An astonishing purity and precision; harmonious, delicate, refined and captivating.
- An extraordinary long finish, which goes straight to the point and seems to linger indefinitely.
- With aromas and flavours of crystallised citrus fruit, caramelised orange peel, dried fruit, pepper, gingerbread and lemon, and a flavoursome finish.




    75cl, 1.5L, 3L