Gosset Grande Réserve

Tasting notes

Intense and complex yet well-balanced. Grande Réserve offers a host of delicious and surprising perfumed and plant-based scents. A background note of grapes can also be detected.

First impressions

Generous, full-bodied and concentrated. This already mature wine neatly invades the palate whilst preserving its fruity, smooth and balanced nature. Hints of figs, prunes and candied cherries give the wine a warm taste. The floral and plant-based notes detected in the nose fade discreetly, adding even greater sweetness and sophistication.


Exceptional flavours of Melba toast, roasted almonds, praline and lightly roasted coffee very quickly give rise to a roasted aroma whereas a voluminous and round mouthful encourage the taster to enjoy "rolling" this wine on the tongue.


Long, potent and irresistable. With the arrival of transient, very fleeting confectionary aromas such as chestnut puree and rice pudding with caramel, it concludes with a remarkable crispness.