Gosset Brut Excellence

Tasting notes

Intense, elegant and warm. First and foremost a vehicle for mellow yet very fresh floral notes such as honeysuckle, wisteria and white jasmine, giving way to fruity aromas.

First impressions

Invigorating and jubilant, a taste which is both fresh and delicate, following on from the initial sensation of crispness and a well-established vitality to suggest the richness of a blend where floral aromas have all but disappeared, replaced by the sweet and comforting flavours of bush peaches, nectarines and greenpages.


The mouthful deploys great volume, a profound density and vinosity, which are characteristics of this type of champagne. An earthy taste with hints of minerals released from sunbaked stones can be detected, revealing the subtle fragrance of spices, such as cinnamon, cardamom and green pepper.


Smooth, delicate and irresistable. The deliciously sensual flavours of candied fruit, cinammon cake and liqourice can clearly be identified.