Pol Roger Cuvée Rich

Cuvee: Demi-sec
Vintage: Multi-Vintage
Devotees of sweet champagne have always cited Pol Roger as a very good source. The new Cuvée Rich falls in between the sec and demi-sec styles and rounds off the range of wines available from Champagne Pol Roger.

The Rich

The ‘Rich’ style does not imply a cloying, syrupy style of champagne. The blend includes the addition of a mixture of wine and cane sugar to achieve a sugar content of around 35g/l. This touch of sweetness is beautifully balanced by a natural, fresh acidity which makes this champagne ideal with desserts.

The Blend

The object of blending is to achieve a perfectly harmonious finished wine. The blend for ‘Rich’ is drawn from around 30 different base wines from different vineyards, crus and vintages. The fruit which goes into the wine comes in roughly equal proportions from the three famous grape types which grow in Champagne.

33% Pinot Noir (which brings to the wine its body, character and the tannins). The grapes come predominantly from villages in the Montagne de Reims: Verzy, Verzenay, Mailly, Ambonnay, Mareuil and Louvois.

33% Pinot Meunier (which brings the wine its youthful freshness, its vigour and its fruity character). The grapes come largely from la Vallée d’Epernay: Vincelles, Venteuil, Troissy, Damery, Vandières, Brugny, Chavot, Monthelon and Pierry.

33% Chardonnay (giving the wine lightness, elegance and finesse). These grapes come from Epernay and the heart of the Côte des Blancs: Cuis, Oiry,Oger, Vertus, Moussy and Chouilly.

The wines which make up this cuvée come exclusively from the first pressing (known as la cuvée) and, where applicable, from the second pressing (known as la taille). Any wine from further pressings is not used.

The Pol Roger cellars extend for a total of 7km beneath the town and are amongst the coolest (9.5⁰C) and the deepest in Epernay. The lowest gallery is no less than 33 metres underground. These conditions are perfect for the secondary fermentation and ageing on the lees which produce the super fine bubbles which are hallmark of the champagnes of Pol Roger. After being riddled by hand, disgorged and given a final dosage, the wine is left to rest in the cellars so the flavours can develop before being released on to the market.

Cuvée Rich is never released onto the market until the youngest base wine in the blend is at least 3 years old rather than the permitted 15 months. The base wines come from at least two vintages and often from as many as three or four with reserve wines making up 20-30% of the blend.

Tasting Notes


Pol Roger’s Cuvée Rich is a lovely yellow-gold colour with creamy bubbles.


The nose is forward and elegant with notes of dried fruits, fresh cut flowers and spicy vanilla.


In the mouth the wine is soft and balanced with hints of spice, fruit and caramel. The finish is long, complex and very pleasant.

Packaging and Presentation

Cuvée Rich is available in 75cl bottles and 37.5cl demi-boutielles (half bottles), which are an ideal size to accompany dessert.

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