Duval-Leroy Brut Ab*

Cuvee: Brut Non-Vintage
Vintage: Multi-Vintage
Development, enrichment and the protection of the environnment is part of the Duval-Leroy ethic. The Cuvee Brut*, an "ideological" wine, comes from vines cultivated with organic culture amd has obtained the Ecocert organic certification, meeting standards and specifications at an international level. The winemaking process, partially using vats and oak barrels, preserves the grapes' initial characteristics and at the same time develops high levels of concentration and a strong identity, giving rise to a refined wine whose bouquet releases a pure, crystalline expression. The blend Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from organic viticulture Tasting Notes Eye Green-gold colour, illuminated by slow, fine bubbles Nose A delicate grain and subtle citrus acidity Mouth Anunctuous wine has a which leave a remarkable sensation in the mouth Food pairing How to enjoy it: A wine for all occasions, its origins associate it with traditional local cuisine. * Wine produced from organically cultivated grapes, certified by Ecocert SAS, 32600 l'Isle Jourdain