Gosset Grande Rosé Brut

Cuvee: Brut Nature
Vintage: Multi-Vintage

Tasting notes

Reminiscent of summer fruits, combining the aromas of wild red berries found in bramble hedges and undergrowth in an ordered unity. Raspberries, wild strawberries and redcurrants ripe red to perfection.

First impressions

Candid and generously full-bodied. The rich and responsive mouth lightly structured with exemplary length, immediately proclaims its vivacity. This develops the aromatic farandole previously detected in the nose with even greater candour and with one noticeable difference; the invasion of red fruit jams as opposed to freshly picked fruit such as blackcurrant and morello cherries.


The mouthful is generous, opulent and ripe almost from the word go. Naturally marrying roundness and concentration. Infinitely silky, its elegant perfume and velvet bubbles tantalize the taste buds and caress the palate.


Remarkable, delicate and refined thanks to an effervescence which is quietly soothing whilst the wine develops its pleasurable persistent gingerbread aromas.