Drappier Brut Nature Rosé

Cuvee: Brut Nature, Rosé
Vintage: Multi-Vintage
100% Pinot Noir, a rosé produced using the saignée method, with no dosage and no filtering. Drappier Brut Nature Rosé is a cuvée which will delight lovers of freshness, minerality and purity. With hints of rose petals, red fruits, citrus fruits, mandarin orange and also white pepper, the Brut Nature Rosé unveils another facet of rosé champagne.

100% Pinot Noir. Dosage: 0 g/l.

Tasting notes

Very evocative of strawberry and raspberry with a floral note of rose petals.

Recalls red fruits and is augmented by hints of citrus fruit, mandarin orange and a small, very refined touch of white pepper.

Food Pairing
Ideal as an aperitif. Goes perfectly with salmon carpaccio or scallops, sushi, grilled meats…Serve at 7°C.
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