Drappier Brut Nature Sans Soufre

Cuvee: Brut Nature, Blanc de Noirs
Vintage: Multi-Vintage
No sulphur is added to this cuvée during the different stages of vinification, allowing the Pinot Noir to express itself in perfect freedom. Without dosage but even so exhibiting a remarkable roundness thanks to the maturity of the fruit and the time spent down in our cellars, this cuvée evokes lovely apples and Williams pear, with a hint of citrus fruits. Recommended for those allergic to sulphur.

100% Pinot Noir. Dosage: 0 g/l.

Tasting Notes

Very fresh nose evoking pear, lemon and hazelnuts.

A very dry, mineral Champagne bursting with life. It will delight enthusiasts and purists on the lookout for new tastebud sensations.

Food Pairing
Ideal as an aperitif. The perfect accompaniment for seafood, sashimi or even soft goat’s cheese. Serve at 7°C.
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