Ruinart Rosé

Cuvee: Rosé
Vintage: Multi-Vintage

The blend

This delicious Champagne, Ruinart Rosé is a magnificent blend of Chardonnay at 45% and Pinot Noir at 55%. 19% of the Pinot Noir is red wine.

Tasting notes


Sublime golden pink colour with a touch of coral. Extremely fine bubbles that rise in a thin firm line.


Fine, subtle and fresh, dominated by aromas of cherry and freshly picked red berries.


Well balanced, fruity and fleshy. Pleasantly smooth and refreshing in the mouth.

Food pairing

Ideal served as an evening aperitif. Marries perfectly with the lively freshness of Andalusian gaspacho. Also make a wonderful partner for a red fruit soup as dessert.