Piper-Heidsieck Cuvée Sublime

Cuvee: Prestige Cuvée
Vintage: Multi-Vintage

Delightfully rish and crisp, Cuvée Sublime is a pure experience of indulgence and refinement. Although the blend of Cuvée Sublime is based on Piper-Heidsieck's emblematic Cuvée Brut, this wine has a personality of its own. With a generous dosage and an additional year of aging in the cellars, Cuvée Sublime represents luxurious bliss.

Tasting notes


A very warm copper shade. A joyous string of bubbles.


At first, a flowery touch of violet. Then come generous notes of dried fruit, caramelised pear, cinnamon and vanilla. A gourmand finish with hints of crunchy praline, nougatine and the evanescence of a rum pastry.


A freshness that gives place to an impression of a soft, round and mellow cuvée. There are notes of nearly caramelised flambéed pineapple and a wide array of pastries. A finish around mild spices, vanilla and cinnamon, for a cuvée that offers a subtle balance between freshness and warmth.

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