Philipponnat Réserve Rosé

Cuvee: Rosé
Vintage: Multi-Vintage

Réserve Rosée is true to the tradition of style at the House of Philipponnat where taste takes precedence over colour, combining intensity, freshness, and elegance.

A non-vintage wine like the Royale Réserve, Réserve Rosée abides by the historic tradition of style at the House of Philipponnat. The majority of the blend comprises the rich and powerful grapes from the beautiful vineyards of Montagne de Reims in Ay and Mareuil-sur-Ay and its three year ageing process gives it a pleasant complexity without taking anything away from its freshness.

Tasting notes


Light pink, slightly salmony color that can become coppery over time. Delicate and creamy bubbles.


Berrylike with nuances of cherry and wild strawberry. With time, some hints of mandarin and pink grapefruit rind will develop.


This fine rosé is dry yet fruity with hints of strawberries, red currants, and candied mandarin. Fine clean attack. Full and long mouth, prolonged by a good acidity and a light astringency that brings out the fruit.

Food pairing

It makes a lovely accompaniment for smoked meats and fish, pork butchery, as well as desserts made with red berries, or simply on its own.