Roederer Rosé Vintage 2007

Cuvee: Rosé, Vintage
Vintage: 2007
Louis Roederer Rosé Vintage 2007

Obtained thanks to the saignée method - following cold skin contact maceration – this delicate Rosé comes from Cumiéres, a part of the Champagne region where the light of the steep, south facing clay and limestone slopes face is accented by the Marne River, so allowing a good ripening of the grapes and a high phenolic maturity. Moreover, the marked contrasts in 2007 – with a "historic" month of April with warm, summery weather and cool July and August have contributed to ripe these grapes. The result is delicate fruity (red fruits), full-bodied Rosé.

The blend

66% pinot Noir - 34% Chardonnay _ 20% wines matured in wood (oak barrels) with weekly batonnage - No malolactic fermentation. To make its rosé champagnes, Louis Roederer uses the saignée method following cold skin contact maceration, which may last 5 to 8 days in the liquid phase. The Brut Rosé cuvée ages for an average of 4 years in cellars and also spends 6 months resting after disgorging to complete the maturing process.

The dosage is between 8 and 10 g/l.

Tasting Notes


Light pink colour, with shiny salmony hints. Delicate bubbles, which quickly form a steady, creamy flow.


The intense bouquet reveals a succession of finely complex aromatic “layers”: first of all fruity, almost tart aromas of wild raspberry and bilberry, reminiscent of a mountain fruit sabayon; next, sweet, warm, delicately rosy “pink macaroon” floral hints, along with pithy citrus, orange and pink grapefruit; finally, swarm, sweet, spicy notes, recalling the subtle use made of oak wood by Louis Roederer; hints of lightly toasted dried fruits, cocoa and chocolate.


Full-bodied, creamy, dense and balanced: a combination of ripe fruit and fresh flavours. Following this first contact, the winy structure of the Pinot Noir appears once more, along with almost jam-like fruity, floral flavours, blending in perfectly with the minerality and freshness of the Chardonnay. The concentrated yet fresh Rosé 2007, the product of August harvests, is a good example of “Roederer style” rosés with all the concentration, fruitness and compactness of Pinot Noir de Cumieres and the freshness of great Cote de Blancs Chardonnay.

Food Pairing

This wine is perfect to be served with delicate vegetable dishes, both as soups and gratin: barley, leek and potatoes soups, roasted squash or squash cookies. It can also accompany first courses like ravioli with marinara sauce or maccaroni with cheese.

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