Roederer Rosé Vintage 2006

Cuvee: Rosé, Vintage
Vintage: 2006

Louis Roederer Rosé Vintage 2006

As Rosè Vintage 2005, this Rosè Vintage 2006 was also obtained from Cumiers vineyards, located in a part of Champagne region where – thanks to the light of the steep, south facing clay and limestone slopes accented by the Marne River – the process of phenolic maturity is high and grapes ripe fast. Though climatic conditions in 2006 were not as generous as in 2005 – with unprecedented cold temperatures and rain in August - a warm and dry September has allowed the ripenening process to be completed, so producing a Rosè less bodied than the 2005 edition, but in the same way elegant and delicate, with hints of red fruits and a smooth wininess.

The blend

66% Pinot noir - 34% Chardonnay - 20% wines matured in wood (oak barrels) with weekly batonnage - no malolactic fermentation. To make its rosé champagnes, Louis Roederer always uses the saignée method following skin-contact maceration, which may last 5 – 8 days in the liquid phase. The Brut Rosé cuvée ages for an average of 4 years in cellars and also spends 6 months resting after disgorging to complete its maturation.

Dosage varies between 8 and 10 g/l depending on the vintage.

Tasting Notes


Soft pink colour with orangey nuances. Dynamic, creamy bubbles in a long-lasting flow.


Immediately after opening, complex fruity (strawberry, vine peach) then floral aromas (sap, sweet flower, pollen) and mineral (chalk). On airing, citrus aromas appear (with a particularly dominant zest) along with gingerbread, typical of Roederer rosés.


Energetic, racy wine, firm and elegant, which has the firm structure of the Cumières Pinot Noir (meaty and dense register), tempered by the characteristic elegance of Louis Roederer wines predominates, thanks to the smooth bubbles associated with preciseflavours and a ‘taut’ mineral freshness. The long-lasting flavour experience ends on a note of pure minerality.

Food Pairing

Perfect accompaniment to main courses: fish, such as salmon, meat, such as lamb, veal, guinea fowl, and even pheasant, and soft cheeses, such as Chaource and Brillat-Savarin. It can also be served with red fruit based desserts that are less sweet, such as a red fruit zabaglione or a red fruit gratin.

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