Drappier Grande Sendrée 2005

Cuvee: Prestige Cuvée
Vintage: 2005
Vinified exclusively in great years, the Grande Sendrée epitomises a great champagne wine. This cuvée takes its name from a parcel of land covered in cinders (cendrée) after the fire which ravaged Urville in 1838. A spelling error having slipped into the land register records, it is an “s” which distinguishes this cuvée today.

A reproduction of a 13th century bottle discovered in the Urville cellars, the Grande Sendrée is remuée (riddled) entirely by hand.

The oldest vines from the best parcels are harvested with particular care. After gentle pressing which extracts only the heart of the cuvée, vinification by gravity with very little pump pressure and minimal sulphur produces wines of remarkable finesse.

55% Pinot Noir, 45% of Chardonnay. Dosage: 5 g/l.

Tasting Notes
Golden in colour with amber nuances. Fine bubbles.

Complexity of the aromas. Dried fruits, some touches of toast and wax, the whole unfolding into fruity notes of citrus fruits, fruits with white flesh, stoned fruits.

The palate accentuates the vinosity, the depth and the structure.Dried flowers, soft spices and liquorice.

Food Pairing
Ideal as an aperitif. Superb accompaniment for broth of crayfish with grapefruit, carpaccio Saint Jacques, poultry from Bresse with truffles à la crème. Serve at 7°C.
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