Philipponnat Sublime Réserve 2002

Cuvee: Brut Non-Vintage
Vintage: 2002

Sublime Réserve was specially created for gastronomical occasions when Brut Champagne proves too dry. Its quality stems from the chosen base wine rather than the sweetness of the dosage.

Made from pure 2002 Chardonnay coming from Premier and Grand Cru, it is dosed as sec (30 g/l) and has matured on its lees in the cellars between 6 to 7 years. It combines the complexity of 7 year old Chardonnay and Pinot Noir with the vibrancy and minerality of the chalkiest soils in Champagne to produce a very exciting and distinctive wine.

Tasting notes


Fine and delicate mousse, deep gold hue.


Candied aromas of pears and peaches; hints of soft spices.


Honeyed and buttery with the elegance and freshness of the Côtes des Blancs Chardonnay. A slight acidity brings it freshness and underlines its peach and apricot flavours as well as those of butterscotch and honey. Structure and fruit of the Premier and Grand Cru Pinot Noir. A slight citrus-oriented final.

Food pairing

Sublime Réserve is perfectly suited to accompany sweeter dishes like Foie Gras and light desserts (iced nougat, light creams).