Philipponnat 1522 Vintage 2002 Grand Cru

Cuvee: Vintage
Vintage: 2002

The House of Philipponnat created this cuvée in memory of the year when the Philipponnat family first took root in Ay, at the very heart of Champagne.

An exceptional cuvée, the wine is produced using only the very best grapes, grown in the best Philipponnat vineyards and then blended to the highest standard of Prestige Cuvées. Both balanced and complex, it is dosed as an Extra-Brut and has a crisp freshness that enhances its extraordinary length and the special characteristics of the 2002 vintage.

Tasting notes


Beautiful deep gold, with small and fast rising bubbles. The mousse is fine and delicate.


Hawthorn and acacia flower notes come first, then honey, grapes, blackberry and fresh fig, one can perceive seaside aromas. It is very long on the palate while the aromas remain precise and delicate.


Fresh and clean attack, very refined and delicate. Very well structured and balanced. This wine expresses the fruitiness of ripe white peach, then evolves again towards fig and almond. In the finish it is almost infinite, with a slightly salty and iodic after-taste.

Food pairing

A stunning match with seashells, caviar and sushi.