Philipponnat 1522 Vintage 2000 Rosé Première Cru

Cuvee: Vintage
Vintage: 2000

An exceptional Cuvée, the wine is produced using only the very best grapes, grown in the best Philipponnat vineyards and then blended to the highest standard of Prestige Cuvées.

Tasting notes


Beautiful deep salmony pink, with small and fast rising bubbles. The mousse is fine and delicate.


A basket of little red fruits, evolving towards leather, and soft spices. It is very long on the palate while the aromas remain precise and delicate.


Fresh and clean attack, very refined and delicate. This wine surprisingly and perfectly combines the fruitiness of ripe red fruits combined with great minerality and purity.


Both balanced and complex, it is dosed as an Extra-Brut and has a crisp freshness that enhances its extraordinary length and the special characteristics of the 2000 vintage. Being a Rosé, the low dosage enhances the perception of the fruit in a very unusual way, both pure and intense.

Food pairing

Its very distinctive style aims for intensity rather than power. A versatile wine, it is a stunning match with such different dishes as slow-cooked red meat, lobster and red berries.