Gosset Grand Millésime 2000

Cuvee: Brut Non-Vintage
Vintage: 2000

Tasting notes

Delicate, elegant and complex, harmonizing around a rich fragrant quintet including fleshy, soft scented fruit such as vine peaches and pear. The whole bouquet is laced with delicious baking smells.

First impressions

Full-bodied, pleasant and finely honed champagne that has liveliness and vinosity. Its flavours reflect and confirm the bouquet. The judicious blend of grapes from different vineyards is an ode to perfection. Pinot noir releases a rush of fruit flavour backed by a velvety structure with hints of sweet almond and wild sloes liqueurs.


The second impression on the palate is even more revealing. Chardonnay tempers the fruity fleshines contributing just the right amount of freshness and light characterized by the grand entrance of cakey, spicy, lemon and fruit cake flavours. The delicate sparkle is in perpetual motion contributing to softness and precise balance.


Enjoyable, long and peasantly persistant. Grand Millésime 2000 delivers its final notes through a medina of spices, dried fruit and Tahitian vanilla.