Charles Heidsieck Rosé Millesimé 1999

Cuvee: Rosé
Vintage: 1999
An exceptional rosé from a great vintage. Having matured for twelve years in two-thousand-year-old chalk cellars, this champagne expresses the full generosity of 1999 in the true Charles Heidsieck style. The delicate effervescence reveals the aromatic complexity of this blended rosé. More than 12 years of ageing. Its harmony and depth have made it an awarded Rosé vintage champagne.

The Blend
Grads and Premier Crus. 7% Pinot Noir red wines

Tasting notes
Eye: A coral colour with nuisances of orange and old roses, the reminiscent of prolonged ageing in the cellars

Nose: Complexity, mild pepper and sandalwood

Palate: Full bodied and generous, the very expression of the 1999 vintage. Reminiscence of hibiscus syrup