Gosset Celebris Vintage 1998 Extra Brut

Cuvee: Extra-Brut
Vintage: 1998

Tasting notes

Lots of freshness, fullness and sublety with fragant, pungent yet delicate notes of spring flowers such as hawthorn, privet, morning jasmine and orange blossom.

First impressions

Flowing, pure and elegant. The rich, full taste seems to alternate between the lacy delicate influence of Chardonnay and the strength of the Pinot Noir. One only has to take the tiniest sip to appreciate the aromatic qualities of a champagne which needs no primping with sweetening "liqueur d' expedition".


The taste is beautifully balanced with a round, lively and diverse flavour and a smooth sparkle. Vintage 1998 Extra Brut successfully combines the delicious flavour of frangipani and melted butter, toasted almonds and poached pear, quince jelly and apricot jam, lemon verbena tea and vanilla, toasted bread and mocha coffee, fudge and amber rum.


Wonderfully fresh, amazingly intense and long on the finish. The finish shows just the right amount of fruit with engaging scents of candied lemon zest and raisiny toasted brioche for a sensational finale.