This Second Plénitude (P2) of Dom Pérignon 1998 is invigorated by the additional years in the cellars.

Dom Perignon P2 1998

 The First Plénitude of Dom Pérignon Vintage 1998 (released in 2005) was a model of balance.

The year 1998 was marked by two unusual and opposing occurrences: the spectacular burning of the grapes caused by record high temperatures in August followed by exceptional rainfall in September.

In P2 1998 the dark, mineral, iodine, spiced singularity of Dom Pérignon vibrates higher and clearer than ever.


The wine has achieved an intense, full and radiant bouquet, with notes of honeysuckle, orange-colored fruits, toasted almonds and hints of iodine sensations.


The creamy chewiness characterizing the vintage is channeled in a direction that is edgy yet embracing, with a wave of aromatic persistence. Its finish – smoky, biting and full of energy – offers balance and harmony.

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