Lanson Launches Disneyland Champagne

Disneyland and Lanson teamed up to launch Disneyland special cuvée champagne to celebrate the new Ratatouille attraction at the amusement park in Paris.

Harmoniously blending together chardonnay and pinot grapes, this champagne is described as fresh and generous, elegant and powerful, a trademark of Lanson unique style.

This special champagne can be found at Disneyland Paris hotels.

With almost 15 millions visits in 2013 Disneyland Paris is the number 1 tourist destination in Europe. 

250 years old Lanson is part of Lanson-BCC, the second largest Champagne group. 

This quality Champagne House is one of the few not to use malolactic fermentation during its wine-making process, guaranteeing in this way freshness and optimizing the development of aromas in its champagnes. 


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