Since 1843, Champagne Krug has unfailingly lived up to its reputation as a great Champagne House, the only one to release exclusive “Cuvées de Prestige” every year. Joseph Krug, a passionate neophyte, pushed the limits of traditional champagne production and founded the first luxury Champagne House.

Joseph Krug wished to be alone in his ability to compose champagne that was different, unexpected, complete and contrasted, and dedicated to every pleasure, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. By blending wines from different years, he brought forth champagnes of irreproachable quality, with a unique taste that could be recreated every year. Thus was born Krug Grande Cuvée, transcending the art of blending, an icon for all of Champagne.

This vision of the art of creation – above all, a history of taste – has been perpetuated year after year since 1843 by the Krug family, represented today by Olivier Krug, a member of the sixth generation.

To learn more about Krug read BestChampagne exclusive interview with Olivier Krug and with President Margaret “Maggie” Henriquez.

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