Since 1808 Maison Henriot has been family owned and has continued its quest for excellence.For seven generations Champagne Henriot’s commitment has remained unchanged selecting only the finest parcels, magnifying the purity of Grands Crus and respecting the aging time for each Cuvée to reach its full expression.

The high proportion of Chardonnay brings delicate and complex aromas, a refined structure that balances the distinctive character from great terroirs.

They wish to share a rare moment of emotion, through Champagne wines of unique elegance.


For seven generations and more than 200 years, Champagne Henriot has brought its savoir-faire into play to produce elegant and perfectly honed cuvées. Maison Champagne Henriot’s uncompromising choices have always presided over the production of its wines.


Maison Champagne Henriot is today based on a 35-hectare domaine. The parcels, located mainly in Avenay (Les Panthenay), Chouilly, Epernay (Clos l’Abbé in particular) and Mareuil sur Aÿ, are situated in prestigious Champagne terroirs. The House carefully chooses each parcel so that they all express a subtle aromatic nuance essential to the assemblages.

From the Harvest to the Wine

Slow pressing is carried out, parcel by parcel, in the press-houses near the harvest site. All sources, all crus and all parcels are separated in order to respect the specific characteristics of each village. The technical team thus has a complete aromatic palette for the assemblages.

The Assemblage

The assemblage takes account of the climate conditions that marked the vegetative cycle.  Each year, the House’s savoir-faire is involved in perpetuating the unique style of every cuvée. It uses a variable but important proportion of its reserve wines in producing its cuvées. Polished, fine and elegant are the words that best define Champagne Henriot’s wines.

The Maturing Period

The bottles remain for a long maturing period in the calm and dark of caves in Reims. To allow the grape varieties full expression, Champagne Henriot observes maturation periods that are normally twice as long as those required by law. The time necessary for each cuvée to reach its full potential.


This is the last touch the cellar master can bring to a cuvée. As a general rule, Champagne Henriot’s cellar master gives a very small measure of dosage to the House’s wines (around 10 g per litre).

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