Champagne Guide for Beginners


We have written this digital champagne guide for beginners, to allow anybody, with zero prior understanding or knowledge about champagne or wine whatsoever, to learn about this luxurious wine, the king of wine (and the wine of kings).

With this champagne e-guide you will learn about the history and region of Champagne, how champagne is produced, the different types of champagnes available and their characteristic aromas and how to properly serve champagne and accompany food.

Table of contents:
I. What Is Champagne (and what is not champagne)
II. The Champagne Region and Soil
III. History of Champagne
IV. How Champagne Is Produced
V. Champagne Grapes
VI. Dosage
VII. Types Of Champagne
VII. Serving Champagne
IX. Best Champagne Houses
X. Glossary

This beginner’s champagne guide will soon be available in PDF, and in digital format on Amazon and iBooks.

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