Charles Heidsieck


In 1851 Charles-Camille Heidsieck created the Champagne House which branded his name. He set high standards in grape selection and improved the production method of the age. An extraordinary individual, ahead of his time, Charles established a prestigious lineage. From the very start, Charles Heidsieck wines managed to seduce the royal courts of Europe and the great patrons of the times.

The tireless producer then set out to America in 1852 where he gained immediate success. Having returned to Reims, he devoted all his energy to the consolidation of the House’s position by further improving the quality and harmony of its wines.

In 1859 the House and its wines earned their first medals during the Universal Exhibition.

Without any advertising and only through word-of-mouth, Charles Heidsieck wines earned its reputation in aristocratic circles and was established as the Champagne of the royal houses of Europe.


In 2011, ownership of the House transfers to the Descours family, whose only ambition is to make it the very best. This translated in the appointment of Cecile Bonnefond, former President of Veuve Clicquote, as President and CEO.

Charles Heidsieck has consolidated its position as the champagne for “those who know”. Charles Heidsieck champagne today is one of the most recognised by the profession. The awards belong to the cellar masters who, over the course of the past two decades, have been named Sparkling Winemaker of the Year thirteen times in the International Wine Challenge (IWC).

The champagnes too have been awarded 11 Grand Or medals, 101 Gold medals (37 between 2008 and 2011), 25 Silver medals and some 32 trophies.


For generations of dedicated and inspired cellar masters result in a Multi-Vintage cuvée made of one third of each varietal from a single year (representing 60% of the overall blend) with the remaining 40% made up of reserve wines. The wines age in chalk cellars for between three to fifteen years, a process key to their finesse. Since 1990, multi-vintage bottles  display the dates both of their cellaring and disgorgement.

Charles Heidsieck champagnes are characterised by freshness and elegance from the Chardonnay, structure from the Pinot Noir and a generous helping of fruit from the Pinot Meunier.

With a wealth of secrets passed on by Daniel Thibault, star cellar master of Champagne at sister house Piper-Heidsieck, Thierry Roset, Cellar Master of Charles Heidsieck, has been cultivating this art for a long time. Thierry Roset created delicious harmonies with aplomb, using the notes obtained from vinification in separate vats, creating delicate balance between complexity, depth and texture, until his premature death in 2014.

Roset has been replaced in May 2015 by Cyril Brun, formerly senior winemaker at Veuve Clicquot, Brun, with his expertise and passion, is committed to continue the exceptional work carried out by his predecessors.

Whereas the Champagne Appellation stipulates a minimum 15-month ageing period, Charles Heidsieck ages its multi-vintage champagnes for at least three years. Stored in a maze of forty-seven chalk cellars, they lie in galleries twenty metres underground where the temperature remains a constant 10%, ideal for ageing gracefully.


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