Billecart-Salmon History

Founded in 1818 by husband and wife Nicolas François Billecart and Elisabeth Salmon, the Billecart-Salmon House is rich with history.

For nearly two hundred years, the Billecart family has been handing down the secrets to making exceptional champagne from generation to generation.

Billecart-Salmon House

Today the House, independent since its founding, is run by the family’s seventh generation, represented by François Roland-Billecart

The Billecart-Salmon House covers around 50 hectares, and gets its grapes from a total of 170 hectares of land.

Frequently cited for the quality of its vintages, the House pays particular attention to selecting the best grapes.

The Billecart family has forged close and courteous relationships with the winegrowers of the Champagne region.

Here, everyone knows that they have a time-honoured savoir-faire.

They all share the same determination to create a product unlike any other.

At the foot of the Mareuil-sur-Aÿ hill, the Billecart-Salmon family cultivates one hectare of Pinot Noir on a single, enclosed parcel: the Clos Saint Hilaire, a wine which is particularly renowned for the complexity and rarity of its aromas.

Billecart-Salmon Style

The The Billecart-Salmon House has always used modern and innovative technology to constantly improve the quality of its champagne.

From the Côte des Blancs to the Reims Mountain, not forgetting the right bank of the Marne River, the greatest vintages of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier are used.

At Billevart, the most talented cellar masters have always followed one after the other.

They ensure the conformity of the flavours and finesse of the blends. The bottles are then aged in a vast network of cellars, dating back to the 17th and 19th centuries.

Billecart-Salmon Champagnes

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